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जहाँ शिक्षा जीवन जीने का एक तरीका है

If a parent is looking forward to creating an independent person, who can do any kind of work efficiently, confident personality, and then boarding school is a right option. Almost every parent looking for a boarding school has the confusion ‘Shall I send my child to a boarding school?’. It’s actually an insight of a family. The interests in sending a child to a boarding school are:

Class Strength

The student strength in a classroom is quiet less as in comparison to conventional school. Class strength is inversely proportional to the quality education delivered. A teacher can devote more time to individual student as compared to day-boarding school. This leads to close knit relationship between a teacher and student.

Co-scholastic activities

These students are more involved into sports, art & craft, music & dance. The personalized attention is given to the boarders based on their activity interest. The activity and game participation is compulsory in boarding schools.

Tution Hours

The teachers live in the campus, and are able to devote teaching time after school hours. The boarding school provides many facilities to the resident teachers, which attracts highly qualified and expert teachers. The resident, experienced teachers are engaged in tuitions after school hours to their boarding students.

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