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Safety is first at Jai Public School, Gurukul Barara.
There are many factors to consider when sending your child to boarding school, safety in particular for all. Boarding schools all over the world are under tremendous pressure to ensure the safety of their students. Parents are more demanding of their children’s responsibilities, so it’s more important than ever for boarding schools to have reliable systems for the security of boarding students.

Parents want the best school for their children and a safe learning environment.
School safety is not only important in terms of academics but also important to protect all students from any kind of violence that can include assaults, bullying, victimization, classroom disorder, fights, robbery, and use of weapons or sexual misconduct. Safety in school and boarding plays an important role in the academic success of each child, giving them the confidence to learn and achieve in a safe and nurturing environment.
Jai Public School focuses on safety of each student. JPS is committed to ensuring that students are protected and comfortable in every way while in school and at boarding. The solid security system, including a campus surrounded by professional security personnel and perfect fences, 24-hour security ensures a safe environment to our young ones. Security guards work in key areas under the supervision of a Security Officer and Chief Resident Officer. With all man-made and natural disasters in mind, JPS provides security by securing all vulnerable areas and points such as hostels, gates, electrical installations and vehicle parking areas. Security of the territory is ensured by guards patrolling the territory and surroundings during off-hours. The concept of boarding schools in India has changed due to numerous factors related to quality of education, discipline, teaching methodology, student-teacher relationship and safety. The safety of children on school premises is also very important. School safety is important because children need to feel they are in a safe environment for learning to take place. All precautions are taken by school staff regarding it.

The most important factor to consider when sending your child to boarding school is security. Almost all boarding schools around the world are under tremendous pressure to ensure the safety of their students. That’s why it’s more important than ever for boarding schools to have reliable systems that can track every student’s movements. Students must be supervised 24/7.
Parents want the best for their children and a safe learning environment is on the list. School safety is important not only in terms of learning, but also in protecting all students from all types of violence. This includes assault, bullying, victimization, classroom disturbances, fighting, robbery, use of a weapon or sexual harassment.
Every child who goes to boarding school knows to leave home. No one can replace the love and warmth of parents and family. However, schools may try to create a home environment for your child whenever possible.
Boarding schools should have caring and caring hostel warden and other pastoral staff. Your child will feel less homesick and can begin to enjoy the unique and disciplined life of a boarder.

• The school, hostel, rooms, Dinning area, and Reading hall is under CCTV surveillance to monitor activities on school property.
• All staff actively monitor students in and out of the classroom and hostel.
• All areas are safe by design or supervised by staff.
• Buildings and land are well maintained and have multiple emergency exits. They are also structurally more risk-resistant.
• Our building is well equipped for fire-fighting.
• School administration, staff, teachers, and students are adequately prepared to respond to natural or man-made disasters.
• We have established secure and confidential mechanisms for reporting incidents of bullying and clear procedures for investigation and response.
• Dealing with regulatory and security issues promptly and appropriately.

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